Let Nothing You Dismay
Directors: Autumn Dawn and Melissa Martin

Assistant Director: Jack Mackim

Audition dates:

Monday, September 12th at 7pm and Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm
Be prepared for cold reads from the script at auditions!

Wednesday, September 14th at 7pm
Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7-9 starting on October 3rd

Show dates:
December 1-4 and 8-11
(full calendar to be given at read through)

(each actor will play multiple parts)
Allie Saperstein Gordon/Lizzie Murphy
Kevin Gordon/Leonard
Kaitlyn Varsell-Gordon/Brianna Stossel/Angie Saperstein-Koplan
Dennis Gordon/Jerry/Rich Koplan
Tawny Varsell/Deb from Upstairs/Linda Saperstein
Assemblyman Paul Gordon/Doctor Tim/Mister Yarmowich
Noreen Gordon/Charlotte Gordon/Bubbie
Milford Gordon/Ivan/Oscar Saperstein

It's Christmas, and Kevin and Allie are about to become parents- they're just waiting for a phone call. And though they've asked their families to keep their distance until they bring the baby home, of course no one listens. Kevin's father visits with his much-younger wife and their extended clan, followed by Kevin's mother with her veterinarian, her upstairs neighbor, and her favorite author, and then Allie's family invades, including her ultra-competitive sister, her Bubbie, and Bubbie's gentleman friend. Eight actors play twenty-two characters in this lightning-paced holiday farce that celebrates families of all kinds!

Character Descriptions:
• Allie Saperstein Gordon (early-30s)- happily married to Kevin, but nervous about parenthood.
• Lizzie Murphy (mid-20s)- birth mother, she is mildly panicked, impulsive, and impressionable, but sweet and good-natured.
• Kevin Gordon (late 20s)- happily married to Allie, stressed, a college professor.
• Leonard (early 20s)- works at Dominoes Pizza; like a surfer dude, but without the surf.
• Kaitlyn Varsell-Gordon (30 y.o.)- blond, former beauty queen, very bubbly and loving; a trophy wife, and excited to be a “grandma.”
• Brianna Stossel (40 y.o.)- a severe but strangely appealing woman, apathetic and sedate, and enjoys making people feel uncomfortable.
• Angela Saperstein-Koplan (late 30s)- a brain surgeon, is very self- absorbed, work-obsessed, and high-strung.
• Dennis Gordon (36 y.o.)- self absorbed, obsessed with money, continually distracted by his phone.
• Jerry (45 y.o.)- husband of Dr. Tim, gay but not flamboyant, happy to be included.
• Richard Koplan (38 y.o.)- lives a life of quiet desperation; meek, kind and subdued, he aims to please.
• Tawny Varsell (51 y.o.)- a former model, her facial muscles are temporarily paralyzed by a Botox accident, so she bears a terrifyingly cheerful and unchanging expression.
• Deb from Upstairs (late 40s)- a wannabe Native American hippie who is very intuitive/psychic.
• Linda Saperstein (58 y.o.)- polished and wealthy; loves her husband Oscar; they like to quarrel, but are still very much in love.
• Assemblyman Paul Gordon (58 y.o.)- a New York politician, and the world is his campaign stop.
• Doctor Tim (53 y.o.)- a veterinarian, very jolly, kind, and helpful.
• Mr. Victor Yarmowich (88 y.o.)- well-dressed, dapper, spritely old man who might be losing it mentally
• Noreen Gordon (60s)- a fun, kooky nun, slightly scatterbrained, and a little frantic.
• Charlotte Gordon (56 y.o.)- a psychic, aging hippie.
• Bubbie (84 y.o.)- strong independent woman, very snarky, who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.
• Milford Gordon (80 y.o.)- a crotchety, gruff old man who wants to be left alone to do his own thing
• Ivan (62 y.o.)- a shifty-eyed Bulgarian whose upper body does not match his lower body.
• Oscar Saperstein (60 y.o.)- a peacekeeper, he loves his daughters very much, and acts as the steadying force in his family.